Appendix: Resources for Supporting American-Made

Appendix: Resources for Supporting American-Made

To further empower you in your journey of supporting American-made products, here is a curated list of resources that can help you make informed decisions and discover brands that truly embody the essence of American craftsmanship.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines

  • FTC "Made in USA" Standards: Understand the official requirements for a product to be considered made in the USA. FTC Made in USA

Directories and Lists of American-Made Brands

  • Made in America Co.: A comprehensive directory of products that are all made in the USA. Made in America Co.
  • The American List by A Continuous Lean: A curated list of clothing and accessory brands that manufacture in the United States. A Continuous Lean
  • American Made Matters: An organization dedicated to educating consumers on the importance of buying American-made products. American Made Matters

Tools for Researching and Verifying Brands

  • BuyDirectUSA: A platform that provides information and links to products and brands that are 100% made in the USA. BuyDirectUSA
  • USA Love List: A site that features American-made products across various categories, with detailed reviews and shopping guides. USA Love List

Educational Resources

  • Consumer Reports: Offers insights and tips on how to identify truly American-made products and the benefits of buying them. Consumer Reports
  • The Balance SMB: Provides information on the impact of buying American-made products on the economy and how consumers can make a difference. The Balance SMB

Advocacy and Informational Sites

  • Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM): A partnership between American manufacturers and the United Steelworkers. The AAM's site is a treasure trove of information on policies, news, and how to support American manufacturing. Alliance for American Manufacturing
  • USA Love List: A blog that features American-made products, offering reviews, shopping guides, and a directory of brands that manufacture in the U.S. USA Love List

    Social Media and Forums

    • Subreddits like r/BuyAmerican: Communities where consumers share experiences, recommendations, and discuss the benefits of buying products made in the USA. Reddit: BuyAmerican
    • #MadeinUSA on Twitter and Instagram: Follow these hashtags for updates, product launches, and to connect with like-minded individuals committed to supporting American-made products.

    Utilizing these resources can enhance your understanding of American manufacturing and help you discover brands that align with your values. By choosing to buy American-made, you're not only acquiring a product of superior quality but also contributing to the prosperity and sustainability of the American economy.

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